Celebrating 20 years of caring for the community

City West Specialist Day Hospital (CWSDH) is commemorating 20 years of caring for the community on the 25th of September, 2017.

The Day Hospital began in 1997 as a small cottage in Westmead which has since advanced into a contemporary Day Hospital facility having admitted over 150,000 patients in two decades.

“Establishing a small efficient day surgery in response to community needs for an alternative to the large scale hospital at the time was a real achievement and benefit to Greater Western Sydney,” said Dr Peter Hales, Clinical Director of City West Day Hospital.

The supportive and dedicated team at CWSDH provide an all-round approach to health care, managing all patients efficiently on a day-stay basis. Their range of services and procedures include gynaecology, endoscopy, general surgery, urology and paediatric dental and IVF surgical services.

The hospital provides specialist care with leading-edge technology, featuring three surgical theatres all outfitted with the latest technology, theatre equipment and instrumentation, and a layout to maximise patient comfort.

“Our anniversary is a time to reflect on how far we’ve come over the past two decades and celebrate the advances we’ve made. The milestone is a result of the incredible contributions made by the hospital surgeons and staff who work hard to deliver patient centred care” said Sue Channon, Group CEO of Virtus Health.

“We’re proud to have cared for over 150,000 patients since the day hospital opened in 1997 and we are committed to continual growth and change to support the needs of the patients and community over the next 20 years” said Sue.

Marilyn Oliver was the third patient to be admitted and treated at the Day Hospital back in 1997 after being diagnosed with Diverticular Disease following a routine colonoscopy and endoscopy procedure in 1997.

Marilyn has been undergoing surveillance to monitor her condition since the Hospital’s inception, witnessing firsthand how the hospital has evolved and procedures advanced over the course of twenty years.     

“The staff are always polite, understanding and professional. It’s wonderful how long the facility and team has been providing care, every time I go there it just feels like home” says Marilyn.

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