Post Surgery Information

After you get home

Post operative care

On the first weekday following your procedure, a nurse will call you to check how you are feeling and answer any post operative questions you may have.
If at any time after the procedure you have any concerns please contact your doctor directly.


It is essential NOT to drive a motor vehicle or motor bike until the day AFTER your admission. This means no driving on the remainder of the day of your admission after discharge, but you can drive the next day after a good night’s sleep.


If you did not complete our Patient Satisfaction Survey in the Recovery Area, then we ask that you complete it online after you get home. If you have any concerns and that are not resolved to your satisfaction you may contact:

The Health Care Complaints Commission
Locked Mail Bag 18 Strawberry Hills NSW 2012
Tel: 1800 043 159

Privacy Hotline 1300 363 992

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