Hospital Privacy Policy

City West Specialist Day Hospital respects and upholds the right of every individual's privacy and protection of personal information.

With the amendment to the Privacy Act on 21st December 2001 (the National Privacy Principles for health service providers in the private sector), we are obliged to protect the privacy of your personal information collected and held at the facility such as:

  • Name, address and telephone numbers
  • Date of birth
  • General Practitioner and referring doctor information
  • Medical history

Any data we are required by legislation to pass on to specific statistical bodies will be done without patient identification, including patient satisfaction surveys.

The personal information we collect is used to provide medical treatment to patients and to assist doctors, nurses and other allied health professionals in providing medical treatment and care in the Day Hospital. The information also helps us to ensure that we provide a streamlined admission and to process health fund or Veterans Affairs claims. It may also be used to provide information to medical practitioners and other allied health professionals who may be required to provide follow up treatment and ongoing medical care.

City West Specialist Day Hospital is also required to report clinical indicators for benchmarking and this information is also de-identified.

Your written consent is required for the purposes of research and development, planning of services, fundraising and marketing.

All personal information pertaining to patients is held electronically via our own onsite secure server. This information is only accessible to staff members who need it to perform their duties in the Day Hospital.

Medical records stored as electronic data is password protected and is only accessible by staff members involved in the patients treatment and care.

In all cases, the medical record is the property of the facility, not the patient or the doctor. You may be granted access to your medical record by the directors. The medical records, in whole or part, must not leave the facility, other than on Court order.

If you believe that the personal information we hold about you is incorrect, inaccurate or incomplete, you can request that the information be amended. City West Specialist Day Hospital will consider the request and may amend the information or make a note of the request in the medical record if an amendment is not warranted.

All requests regarding access or amendments to personal information is to be directed to:

The Medical Director
City West Specialist Day Hospital
30 Mons Road
NSW 2145

Please note that ‘personal information’ and ‘health information’ have the same meaning in the National Privacy Principles.

All personal information will be discarded after the legal time period of retention has elapsed.


We value your opinion of the care and services the City West Specialist Day Hospital provides and we ask you to complete our Patient Satisfaction Survey before you leave – any particular suggestions for improvements or compliments would be welcomed.

Most importantly, if you experience any problems during your stay, please ask to see the Clinical Services Manager immediately. If the concern is not resolved to your satisfaction you may wish to contact:

The Health Care Complaints Commission
Locked Mail Bag 18
Strawberry Hills NSW 2012
Tel: 1800 043 159
PRIVACY HOTLINE 1300 363 992

Post Operative Care

The morning after your procedure, a nurse will call you to check how you are feeling and answer any post operative questions you may have. If at any time after the procedure you have any concerns please contact your doctor directly.

Pre-admission is an important part of your day hospital care. To ensure we can confirm your admission, health insurance and other details/arrangements, we ask that you:

      • Complete the Pre-Admission & Medical History forms - see over on pages 3-6
      • Please remove and complete the centre black and white sheet and forward immediately to City West Specialist Day Hospital in one of the following ways:

1 IN PERSON Reception 30 Mons Road Westmead The reception desk is open 7.00am to 5:00pm Monday to Friday
2 FAX TO 9635 4433 Please remember to bring the original forms on the Day of Admission.
3 POST City West Specialist Day Hospital 30 Mons Road Westmead 2145

It is important that you give us your:

      • Medicare number
      • Health Fund details
      • Pension/Health Care Card details
      • Repatriation/Veteran Affairs details

on the Pre-Admission Forms so that these may be verified prior to your admission.

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