Before you begin - talk to your health fund

If you have Private health Insurance, please contact your health fund before you proceed with this Pre Admission process to check that your admission is fully covered.

Please ask 5 basic questions:

  • Am I fully covered for an admission to a private hospital?
  • Do I have an excess or any co-payments associated with my policy? If so, what are they?
  • Have I served all current waiting periods?
  • Am I currently financial, with all premiums payments up to date?
  • Does my policy have any restrictions, limitations or minimum benefits that may apply to my planned admission? If so, what are they?


  • If you have recently changed fund or changed level of cover with the same fund does this new change cover this admission? 
  • Have you told your fund if the admission is related to an accident as it may be covered by another insurer such as Workcover?

Complete the online admission form

Click here to complete your online admission form »

If you would prefer not to complete the online form, please return your completed paper form (usually provided in your hospital pack) to hospital reception at least 7 days before your procedure.

Is the patient your child and under 14 years old?

If a child is the patient, and will be accompanied by someone other than one of their parents, then you must provide a note to us advising that this is OK along with the name and contact details of this person and their relationship to the child. This note needs to be received by the nominated hospital 7 days before admission. It can be emailed to the addresses above.

At least 5 days before admission

  • Organise your escort home - After a general anaesthetic, you must have an escort to accompany you home and a responsible person must stay with you overnight after your surgery as well. If you do not have an escort or overnight carer then we cannot admit you to the hospital.
  • Organise 2 escorts for a child being driven home after surgery. If driving home, you must arrange for a child under 10 years old to have two responsible people present in the vehicle (driver and carer).
  • Organise a nursing agency escort - If you can’t arrange an escort please contact our admissions staff who can put you in touch with a nursing agency. The agency can arrange for someone to act as your escort. This will incur a charge that is payable by you directly to them.
  • Arrange for an Interpreter - If you can’t speak or understand English well, and do not have someone who can speak English to accompany you to the hospital, then please ring the NSW Health Care Interpreter Service. Ring free call number 131 450. The service is free but you must arrange it before your admission day.
  • Specialist, Anaesthetist and/or Pathologist costs - Please be aware that your Specialist, Anaesthetist and/or Pathologist will send their accounts for their services separately and directly to you. The Hospital does not handle these accounts and you will need to pay them directly.

Please note that when you receive these doctors’ accounts they will list the same item numbers as on your Hospital account, but they are for your Doctor’s services, not the Hospital’s costs.

The day before your admission

We will contact you
Your nominated hospital will SMS or phone you (if you have not advised a mobile) confirming: Time of admission, Fasting information, Any hospital costs to be paid on admission. Note that your surgeon and anaethetist will invoice their fees directly to you.

Fasting | Food
Do not eat anything for 6 hours before your admission time unless your Doctor specifically tells you something different.

Fasting | Drink
You may drink WATER up to 2 hours before your admission time. You may brush your teeth, but do not swallow any fluid.

Do NOT drink any alcohol on the day or night of admission.

Smoking | Chewing gum
Do not smoke cigarettes, take recreational drugs, or chew gum for 12 hours before admission. Smoking is not permitted at the Day Hospital.

Hospital costs
We accept Visa and Mastercard but do not accept American Express or personal cheques. When we contact you we will advise you of the hospital costs for your procedure, known as your Informed Financial Consent.

These costs cover the use of the operating theatre, day-stay accommodation and commonly used drugs and dressings. For some procedures, there will also be a charge for prostheses or disposables.

If you have private health insurance we will claim directly from your health fund on your behalf and you do not have to do anything.

If you have an excess or gap with your level of cover you will need to pay this on admission. Your Health Fund will have advised us directly of the cover they will pay.

If you do not have private health insurance you will need to pay your costs on admission. 

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